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Etsuko Yoshimichi


Being good to each other is essential for a happy life. English might help you do that.

Kiyomi Fujii


Communication competence is very important. Language is one of the tools, but other things, such as knowledge of other cultures, are also important. It is never too late to start something new!

Ayako Hisatsune


To be a good speaker, you have to use English. Try the next 3 things every day: Make 3 English sentences. Say those 3 sentences aloud. Write them down in a diary. You will be pretty fluent in a year!

Kayoko Nakagawa


Recently, I believe how you enjoy your life is more important than what you achieve in your life. I hope many KIT students can encounter the moment when they are into what they are learning and enjoy the processes. By the way, I am enjoying looking at your smiling faces in my English classes this semester, too.

Casey Bean


Finding a chance to speak English can be difficult, but KIT has a lot of resources that can help you improve your English ability. Please take advantage of them!

Etsuko Inoguchi


Welcome to the world of language! By learning English, you will discover and express yourself in a totally new perspective. I hope to help you enjoy your English study at KIT. Please come and visit me anytime!

Justin Whittinghill


There’s a famous Japanese saying which loosely translates to: “If you collect enough small pieces, eventually the pile will become a mountain.” This is how you can think about studying English at KIT.  Try to focus on getting and practicing a few pieces in each class.  When you finish, you’ll have a mountain of knowledge and skill.  The key point?  Try your best to collect those little pieces!

Brent Wright


We tend to remember things better if we are interested in them. I think the same is true in learning English. If you can learn to enjoy something in English, for example your hobby, you will remember it better. You may not be interested in every topic in every class, but if you look around, I think you will find something interesting. Try English Lounge, Mini-Workshop, or talking with one of the English teachers. I am sure you will find something that interests you, and that will help you learn English.

Kaunapawa Nangula


English is the second most spoken language in the world. Just imagine the endless opportunities available to you when you can communicate in English. Take your classes seriously; they will pay off one day.

Aya Yamasaki


Hello! If you know English, you will have more various possibilities in the future. I was able to make a lot of friends who are from different countries and learn and share their and my culture with them. I think this is wonderful experience! So, please study English hard at KIT!

Nicholas Duff


Learning a foreign language is similar to training for any sport: it takes hard work, dedication, and coaching. Remember, no athlete was made over night. A little practice each day will take you far!

Martin Wood


To improve your English you need to use your English. You have an excellent opportunity to practice using English while you’re studying at K.I.T. If you make the most of this opportunity, your English will get better. We are here to help you.

Shota Hayashi


Learning English is difficult and challenging, but if you can speak English, you can communicate with friends in the world. The first step to become a good English speaker is to practice. Come to English events and have a wonderful conversation.

Blake Matheny


In language learning, it's not important to use the correct grammar 100% of time. It is more critical to guess and try to communicate your meaning. You will find that you learn more from doing this than trying to be right all of the time. Have fun with English! Good luck and good guessing!

David Broekema


English is a world language. International business is largely conducted in English, so even if you do not intend to work abroad, good knowledge of English can make you more valuable in your professional life. Not only that, but if you vacation abroad, most likely you will be able to discover more in foreign countries if you speak English! So take advantage of the many opportunities at EEC to practice your English, and if you see a confused foreign tourist downtown, take a minute to help them. Who knows what practice and mastery of English could bring you in the future; you might just end up living and working in a fascinating new country--just like your EEC teachers do!

Emily Zastrow


Learning a foreign language requires dedication and motivation, but rewards you with the chance to gain a different perspective when looking at the world, cultures, and even yourself. English can help quench the thirst of your curiosity, whether it is in travel, meeting new people, your future career, or simply trying to understand the world and people around you and beyond. Have fun on your journey to learning English!

Owen Yonehara


Learning English is a lot like hiking up to the tallest mountain you see in the horizon. It is an endeavor that requires the right preparation and persistence. The path will be expectedly arduous and full of pitfalls. However, this journey can be one of the most transformative experiences in your life. Follow the trail or make your own, and many opportunities and an immense community of English speakers await you. We are here to guide you up the mountain. See you there!

Marc Arndt


Students have a broad range of goals in English. Some may hope to one day be fluent while for others it may be enough to be able to watch movies, listen to music, or participate in basic conversation. At the EEC we are here to help every student reach their personal goals in the English language. Come see us outside of class during office hours for help, or just for a conversation! You’ll be glad you did.

ZHANG Qiuwen


In the movie The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, Gandalf says: All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us. If you want to improve, invest the time!

Jeff Wu


Before anyone becomes an expert, everyone is a beginner first. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes because they are the proof that you are learning. English may seem intimidating at first, but with your effort and determination, we can make it easy.

Lacie Shimizu


Learning a new language can be challenging, scary, and frustrating. However, it is also humbling, rewarding, and extremely beneficial. Speaking a different language creates opportunities and allows you to connect to new people and can take you to new places.

Hiroko Fudano


To develop your global communication skill, you need plenty of interaction experiences with non-Japanese speakers in real life. Make use of such opportunities we offer on campus!


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