*******Final Standings******

Rank Name Team Answers
1 Zhejiang University (China)
TopKiller 5
2 Tsinghua University (China) Tsinghua U. 5
3 The University of Tokyo lighthouse 5
4 Tokyo Institute of Technology frankdock 4
(4) The University of Tokyo Team YEM 4


Peking University (China) Blue bird 4
(5) Tokyo Institute of Technology edge 4
(5) The University of Tokyo Team KKK 4
6 Donghua University White Ghost 4
7 University of Aizu TEAM86 4
8 University of Tsukuba tsukuba-1 3
9 City University of Hong Kong (China) CityU-B 3
10 Waseda University Bluedice 3
(10) University of Tsukuba T-jiro 3
11 Hwa Hsia College of Technology and Commerce (Taiwan) Hwa Hsia 3
12 Saitama University TILTOWAIT 3
13 Toyota National College of Technology Toyota NCT 3
14 The University of Electro-Communications MMA NFX 3
(14) Saitama University Seventh_* 3

*******Teams with Honorable Mention ******

Nagoya University Cogma
Hokkaido University j-Dai
Kobe University K.L.B.
Kansai University Kansai-NIT
Kanazawa Institute of Technology KinkouDai Sato
Kyoto University KyotoU-I
Tsuda College mamimami
Shinshu University MIPS
Nagoya Institute of Technology NAMAKO
Kyoto Sangyo University Nikenjaya
Yamagata University noname
Kyoto Univeristy R-13
Future University - Hakodate RealProgrammers
Ritsumeikan University Rit's3

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