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  ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (ACM/ICPC) is a world-wide programming context among college students hosted by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), a world's largest scaled computing association. ACM/ICPC promotes the improvement of programming skills among college students and offers a place for internal exchanges among college students. Prior to the World Finals, regional contests are held world-wide to select competing teams at the World Finals.

This year's regional contests in Asian Region are held in nine regional sites: Tehran (Iran), Beijing (E. China), Xi'An (W. China), Dhaka (Bangladesh), Taejon (Korea), Manila (Philippines), Kaohsiung (Taiwan), Kanpur (India), and Kanazawa (Japan).

Kanazawa Regional Contest is held on November 3rd (Sun) and 4th (M). Prior to the Regional Contest, twenty-seven (27) competing teams as well as teams to be delegated to other Asian sites are selected in the domestic preliminary contest over the Internet on October 2nd (Wed). The first-place winner team will be invited to compete in the World Finals in Hollywood in March, 2003. Let's take this opportunity to get acquainted with students from other campuses in other countries and to compete in programming contests

Domestic Preliminary Contest: Oct. 2nd, 2002. Over the Internet
Kanazawa Regional Contest: Nov. 3rd, 2002.
  Kanazawa Institute of Technology Campus

  The registration for the preliminary contest ended on Sept. 20th, 2002.Domestic teams that finished registration by Sept. 20th should contact
[icpc-reg@mlist.kanazawa-it.ac.jp] for updating the team information.

Sponsored by: ACM/ICPC Kanazawa Regional Contest Steering Committee,Kanazawa Institute of Technology
  ACM Japan Chapter
Co-sponsored by: Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology*,
Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications*,
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry*,
Ishikawa Prefecture Government
Kanazawa City
Japan Science and Technology Corporation,
The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research
* Negatiation in Progress
Supported by: Information Processing Society of Japan,
Japan Society for Software Science and Technology

Contact: ACM/ICPC 2002 Kanazawa Contest Steering Committee
Mail: kit-icpc@mlist.kanazawa-it.ac.jp
Phone: +81-76-294-6451 (9 am - 6 pm JST)
FAX: +81 76-294-6727